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Current series

Character of God

Exodus 34:6-7 is the most quoted passage in the Hebrew scriptures. It is referenced more than 27 times in the Old Testament and provides a beautiful summary, revealed to us by God, of God’s own character. We discover a God full of mercy, compassion and who is abounding in steadfast love. However, there also seem to be some apparent tensions in God’s character. His mercy v His justice, for example. The fact that He is merciful and yet will by no means clear the guilty. However, the fact that this passage is so often referenced shows us the stability and constancy of God’s character as well. In this series we’ll unpack the rich beauty of how God is revealed, knowing that the more we know and understand God’s character the more we can live lives that honour Him. And ultimately, we’ll see that all the apparent tensions are fully and firmly resolved in the revelation of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection!