1 John - Love and Light in a world of darkness

The epistle of 1 John gives us a unique insight into handling the truth of the gospel and disagreements that arise within church life. John, an eyewitness to the life of Jesus (1:1-5), paints a wonderful portrait of the Son, who came in the flesh to make a way for sinners to be one with God. He warms the churches against those who might preach another gospel, who might question their reception of eternal life. It’s an encouragement to us to stand firm for a true gospel witness. John also highlights that God is both Light (1:5) and Love (4:8). This is a wonderful juxtaposition of two truths, much needed in our world today that are so often pulled apart. We worship a God who is beautiful in holiness and glory and who hates sin (God is Light). But who also holds out sacrificial atoning love for those who do sin (God is Love). Both available to all, through the work of Christ Jesus. Our God truly is love and light in a world of darkness.

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